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Great pool for hot days!!

This pool is excellent for hot days!

Great pool, great quality

The quality is excellent, and the puppies absolutely adore it


I was incredibly moved and filled with joy when I opened the box and discovered the extra-large foldable XXL dog pool. This pool is designed with a sturdy plastic shell, making it portable and suitable for dogs, cats, and kids to enjoy. Setting it up was surprisingly quick and easy, even though I had some initial doubts when I first opened the box. It turned out to be the fastest setup I've ever experienced. I'm confident that this pool will create wonderful memories and provide great value. It truly lives up to its promises.

Bigger than i thought

This pool turned out to be much larger than I anticipated. I'm eagerly looking forward to using it once the weather gets really hot. My dog has already been curious about the pool, which is quite amusing. I think it's safe to say that we are all excited about it. The delivery was fast, and the packaging was great, so there's no need to worry about receiving it with any holes.

FlexiSplash Pool
Very sturdy. Easy to put up. Easy to clean.

I am truly impressed by the sturdiness and durability of this pool. It eliminates all the concerns that come with inflatable pools and offers a larger size compared to plastic ones. The added convenience of folding and a drain further enhances its appeal. Personally, I absolutely love this pool. The vinyl used is of high quality, making it ideal for small kids due to its shallow depth, while still providing ample space for play. It's even large enough for parents to join in and cool off. I wholeheartedly recommend it!

Spoke too soon, the dogs love this pool and use it often!! 5 stars

It works perfectly for our two medium-sized dogs.

High quality

This pool is truly fantastic. It folds up conveniently for storage, and its durability and high-quality material are impressive. The inclusion of a drain hole makes it incredibly easy to refresh the water. The pool's low height ensures that dogs can easily enter and exit without concerns about drowning. It's a wonderful option for cooling off and is built to last, providing long-term enjoyment for your furry friends. I highly recommend it.

Best pup pool I’ve seen!

My Labrador absolutely adores this pool! I previously had a small plastic kiddie pool for him, which he managed to destroy. However, miraculously, he only uses this one for play and relaxation! It is definitely worth every penny because it can hold a substantial amount of water, allowing him to fully stretch out and cool down.

Great for kids and water play daycare teachers-great product!!

This pool is durable and greatly enjoyed by my son and the children at daycare! It even includes patches in case of any holes. The best part is that it can be easily folded up for storage. I absolutely love it, and the kids are thrilled with it. It was a fantastic purchase.

Great for storage use when you need. Easy setup

We use this pool as a cooling and bathing spot for our dog, and we anticipate it will also be great for our grandson as he grows older. The inclusion of a patch was a nice addition. Considering the limited storage space we have, it provides good value for the investment.

Great durable pool!

Penny has a habit of being tough on pools and even managed to destroy our plastic one. However, this pool withstands her doggie cannonballs without any issues. It's larger than I initially anticipated and constructed with thick, high-quality material.

Extra Strong Pool

My kids absolutely loved this pool, and even the dog joined in. I didn't have any concerns about their claws damaging it. The pool feels incredibly sturdy, and I would definitely recommend it.

Exactly what we were looking for

I appreciate the portability and ease of assembly of this pool. It's sturdy and reliable, and I find it convenient to fill and empty. The dogs featured in the photos can easily enter and exit the pool, while my daughter enjoys sunbathing in a shallow water depth.

Best version of this style pool I’ve found

I have two energetic young Labs, and they play with great enthusiasm in this pool. I had purchased a different brand called Rynx last year, which developed a hole right away. However, this one is significantly more robust and easier to empty. After a month of use, I have absolutely no complaints, and it has been well worth the price. My Labs adore it and have a blast playing in it.

Great purchase

I previously purchased this product but unfortunately ruined it by neglecting to fold it and leaving it exposed to the sun without water for an extended period of time. However, I absolutely love the presence of the draining spout! The durability of the pool is impressive, and the size is perfect for my large fluffy dogs. One of my pups weighs over 90lbs and measures about 5'2" from head to tail, and there's ample room for him to lie down while his sister splashes around. Although one of the panels has slightly bent due to the pups' playful falls, the pool remains functional with just a small irregularity in that area. It's deep enough for me to join them occasionally, and even my friends' little ones enjoy a splash when they visit.

Baby Loves it!

I absolutely adore it! It's incredibly user-friendly, requiring only unfolding. I appreciate the fact that there's no need for inflation. The walls are robust, and it's larger in size than what I initially anticipated. Without a doubt, it deserves a perfect 5-star rating!

My pup loves it.

My puppy thoroughly enjoys it.

Great overall, but I have concerns about the 'diggers' in our dog group

Even though it's not yet 'pool season' where I live, whenever my dogs get a new toy, they simply have to investigate it!

Having owned several dog pools over the years, I'm particularly impressed by the sturdy sides of this pool. They feel solid (possibly made of plastic or cardboard, although I'm not entirely sure), which prevents the issue of an enthusiastic dog accidentally collapsing the pool by pushing against the sides. Additionally, these rigid sides make it much easier to fold the pool back up compared to similar-style pools that lack such rigidity.

Amazing pool for the price

The pool is impressively large and can comfortably accommodate up to four adults. Although it may not be extremely deep, the 63-inch size is perfect for relaxation on a hot day. I specifically wanted a pool with large panels like this one, as opposed to thin paneled sides, to ensure it remains sturdy without buckling. Unlike inflatable products or those with metal reinforcements, the pool's large panels contribute to its stability. The material feels highly durable, and with proper care, I anticipate it lasting a long time, unless subjected to sharp objects like knives or aggressive biting/digging from a dog. To protect the pool's bottom, I recommend placing a doubled-up tarp to prevent damage from rocks, and it's important to clear the ground of any debris beforehand. The presence of a drain at the bottom of the pool is a convenient feature. While I can't speak to its long-term durability yet since I've only just received and used it once, I believe that with proper care and supervision, it should last quite a while.

So much fun!

I have an immense adoration for this pool. The wider panels are designed in such a way that there is no bowing outward when it's filled with water. The placement of the drain ensures effortless emptying, and it folds up with remarkable ease. We've owned this pool for a few months now, and it has endured numerous tests from our 50 lb dog, as well as our 4-year-old and 6-year-old children.

Summer playtime!

This pool is an excellent size for a medium-sized balcony and perfect for hot summer days! Opening and closing it is quick and easy, and folding it up for storage doesn't take up much space. The water can be filled to a suitable height for pets to enjoy, and it's very sturdy!

Perfect Compact Pool

I appreciate the convenience of being able to fold up and store the pool when it's not in use. The process of folding and unfolding it is incredibly simple. Initially intended for my dog, it seems that my cat has claimed it as his own now. Just to provide a size comparison, I have the 47" pool, and my 13-pound Ragdoll cat comfortably fits in it. Overall, this purchase offers excellent value for the quality it delivers.


The VISTOP LARGE FOLDABLE DOG POOL has been a perfect solution for our new puppy. We wanted to introduce him to water in a controlled environment before taking him to the lake, and it has served that purpose perfectly. Additionally, as we don't have tubs in our house, this pool has become a convenient way to bathe our dog. The pool is well-made and incredibly easy to use, fill, and empty. When not in use, it conveniently folds away for storage. I appreciate the inclusion of extra caps and patches for any potential snags or damages. The thoughtful design features, such as the button to hold open the water outlet valve while draining, further enhance its usability. I highly recommend this pool to others in a similar situation.

We used it as a birthing pool for our dog and five pups!

Now that the puppies are running around at 5 weeks old, we have relocated the pool to the yard. The mother dog thoroughly enjoys swimming in our large pool, and once the puppies grow a little bigger, we plan to let them learn to swim in the birthing pool first. It's an exciting progression for their development and a great way to introduce them to the joy of swimming.

Great for summer time to cool your dog down

I had high hopes for my puppies to enjoy this pool, and I'm pleased to say that the quality exceeded my expectations. Although my two pups didn't particularly enjoy the water, I'm still satisfied with their experience. The pool proved to be sturdy, as their claws didn't puncture through the plastic. However, even if such a situation did occur, the manufacturer provides patches to fix any holes, which is a fantastic feature. The size of the pool is perfect for my small backyard, and I appreciate the convenience of being able to fold it up and store it away during the winter months.